Program  /// Abstracts



Antoine Bechara : The Neurology Of Decision Making

Sebastian Bustos-Martinez : Tremor Price Dynamics On Individual Stocks

Bice Cavallo : Consistency Of Judgements In Multi-Criteria Decision Making

Shu-Heng Chen : Cognitive Financial Agents

Silvano Cincotti : Agent-based Modeling for Macro-economy Policy Design

Anna Maria D’Arcangelis : Behavioral Finance in The Financial Planning Industry

N.E. D'Ortona : Insurer’s Optimal Reinsurance Programs

Massimo Egidi : Heterogeneous Agents in Finance

Sandrine Jacob-Leal : Fundamentalists, Chartists and Asset Pricing Anomalies

Heping Pan : Yin-Yang Volatility Surface Evolution

Alex Preda : Individuals, Groups and Communities of Electronic Trading Platforms

Giulia Rotundo (Round Table) : To Which Extent is Financial Engineering Considering Behavioral Biases ?

Pietro Terna (Round Table): Does Present Economic Crisis also Reveal a Crisis in Present Economic/Financial Theories?

Pietro Terna : New Perspectives in Agent-Based Simulation

Aldo Ventre : Decision Making in Non-Additive Settings

Hui Wang : Strategic Games in Asian Financial Crises: the Case of Hong Kong