Algebraic Operads

Jean-Louis Loday and Bruno Vallette

To download a draft of the book, PDF format with hypertext links, clic here : Algebraic Operads


As shown on the leitfaden, this book is made up of three parts, that can be read independantly from one another; i.e. three books for the price of one:

  Koszul Duality
  • for algebras [Chapters 2,3,4] : 65 pages
  • for operads [6,7,8] : 100 pages
  Algebraic Operads
  • Definition, properties and examples [5, 13] : 130 pages
  • Koszul Duality [6,7,8] : 100 pages
  Homotopical Algebra
  • Homotopy algebras [9,10] : 65 pages
  • Homotopy category and (co)homology theories [11,12] : 60 pages

The reader is strongly encarouged to read this book like a wiki, that is zapping from one section to another. There is no need to start at the very first page, nor to plan to read everything at once.

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Last update: August 31, 2012.