Claire Scheid
Maitre de Conférences




The Multiscale Hybrid-Mixed Method for the Maxwell equation in heterogeneous media,

S. Lanteri, D. Paredes, C. Scheid, F. Valentin, submitted 2016.

Simulation of three-dimensional nanoscale light interaction with spatially dispersive metals using a high order curvilinear DGTD method,

N. Schmitt, C. Scheid, J. Viquerat, S. Lanteri, submitted 2017, preprint

Rapports de Recherche/Research reports

Etude de convergence a-priori d'une methode de Galerkin discontinue en maillage hybride et non conforme pour resoudre les equations de Maxwell instationnaires,

C. Durochat and C. Scheid, INRIA Research Report, n. 7933 (2012), in french (online version)

High order non-conforming multi-element Discontinuous Galerkin method for time domain electromagnetics,

C. Durochat, S. Lanteri, C. Scheid, INRIA Research Report, n. 8257 (2013) (online version)


A-priori convergence analysis of a Discontinuous Galerkin Time-domain method to solve Maxwell's equations on hybrid meshes,

C. Durochat and C. Scheid, Numerical Mathematics and Advanced Applications 2011, Proceedings of ENUMATH 2011, the 9th European Conference on Numerical Mathematics and Advanced Applications, Leicester, September 2011, 91-99 (2013).