1. Puce Web pages I regularly visit :

  2. Puce John Baez’s web site

  3. Puce The n-Category Café and the nLab

  4. Puce Alain Connes’s home page

  5. Puce Jacob Lurie’s home page

  6. Puce Bertrand Toën’s home page

  7. Puce Charles Weibel’s web site

  1. Puce I completed my PhD in 2012 at the University of Nice under the supervision of Carlos Simpson.

  2. Title: «Catégories faiblement enrichies sur une catégorie monoïdale symétrique» («Weakly enriched categories over a symmetric monoidal category»)

  3. Phd thesis manuscript: .pdf

  1. Puce I’ll be a postdoc at the University of Western Ontario, working in the research group of Rick Jardine

  2. Puce Here you can find my CV : .pdf

  3. Puce I am a member of the ANR project HODAG

  4. Puce My current interests are :

  5. Puce Homotopy theory

  6. Puce Hodge theory

Contact :

Laboratoire Jean-Alexandre Dieudonné Université de Nice Sophia Antipolis                 Parc Valrose
06108 Nice Cedex 2
E-mail: hugo.bacard[at]unice.fr
Tel : (+33) 04 92 07 62 79

  1. Puce Some math ressources :

  2. Puce «Homotopy Theory of Higher Categories» : An excellent book by Carlos, actually available on arxiv !!!

  3. Puce The Stacks Project :   Almost everything on Algebraic stacks and Algebraic geometry

  4. Puce J.S.Milne’s home page : There are a lot of  excellent notes on Algebraic geometry and Number theory

  5. Puce Rick Jardine’s home page : We can find many Lectures on Homotopy theory, K-theory, and Algebraic geometry

  6. Puce Encyclopaedia of Mathematics : A good math dictionnary

  7. Puce Allen Hatcher’s home page : Many books on Algebraic Topology, K-theory and other topics

  8. Puce Ravi Vakil’s home page : Many excellent notes on algebraic geometry and other topics

  9. Puce Noncommutative Geometry Ressource Center : A great  job !!

  1. Puce Diagrams : I use Xy-Pic  for my Latex diagrams. I learned to use Xy-Pic very quickly from Aaron Lauda’s website

  1. Puce Some citations I like :

  1. Puce «C’est dans cet acte   de «passer outre», d’être soi-même en somme et non pas seulement l’expression des consensus qui font loi, de ne pas rester enfermé à l’intérieur du cercle impératif qu’ils nous fixent- c’est avant tout dans cet acte solitaire que se trouve

«la création». Tout le reste vient par surcroît.»

                                                                                                                   Alexandre Grothendieck 

[Récoltes et Semailles: L’importance d’être seul]


  1. Puce «In mathematics, there are not only theorems. There are, what we call, "philosophies" or "yogas," which remain vague. Sometimes we can guess the flavor of what should be true but cannot make a precise statement. When I want to understand a problem, I first need to have a panorama of what is around it. A philosophy creates a panorama where you can put things in place and understand that if you do something here, you can make progress somewhere else. That is how things begin to fit together.»


                                                                                                                   Pierre Deligne , talking about  ‘Yoga’.

[In Mathematicians, Mariana Cook, PUP, 2009, p156.]

  1. Puce  «Il n’y a sans le rêve ni art, ni mathématiques, ni vie… »           


                                                                                                                   Michael Atiyah


  1. Puce Events :

  2. Puce Olivia and me have organized the «Colloque Doctorants Dieudonné 2010».  Here is the corresponding webpage .

  1. Puce Posters :

  2. Puce Here  is my poster exposed  during the «Journée des doctorants 2° année».

  1. Puce Selected talks :

  2. Puce Segal Enriched Categories : my talk at the «Young Topologists Meeting» 2010  in Copenhagen.

  3. Puce Co-Segal categories: Colloquium in Göttingen  (2012)

  4. Puce Catégories enrichies et faiblement enrichies: talk at the «Colloque Doctorant 2012» (in French)

  1. Puce Preprints :

  2. Puce Segal Enriched Categories I : http://arxiv.org/abs/1009.3673 

  3. Puce Lax Diagrams and Enrichment : http://arxiv.org/abs/1206.3704

  4. Puce Segal Enriched Categories II : In progress