Mains areas of research :

  • System of partial differential equations,
  • Numerical methods for systems of partial differential equations,
  • Modeling of continuum with application to biology,
  • Population balance models and quadrature based moment methods.

Post-doctorat :

Suject : Mathematical modeling of bioreactors: from cell to reactor scale
Project : BIological, REacting, Multiphase flows (BIREM)
Team : Particules, Spray et Combustion (PSC)
Supervisors : Rodney Fox, Pascal FEDE et Jérôme MORCHAIN

Thesis :

Modeling and numerical simulation for fluid mechanics systems with constraints; application to biology and road traffic. (manuscript, tel-01421823)

Under the supervision of: Magali RIBOT & Thierry GOUDON

Curriculum vitae :


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