Ludovic Rifford


Junior member of the Institut Universitaire de France


Laboratoire J.A. Dieudonné
Université Nice Sophia Antipolis
Parc Valrose
06108 Nice Cedex 2

Office: W 715

Phone: +33 4 92 07 64 98
Fax: +33 4 93 51 79 74



I serve as Editor of the Journal of Dynamical and Control Systems and of Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems - Series A.

I will participate in the following upcoming programs:

Geometry, Analysis and Dynamics on Sub-Riemannian Manifolds (IHP, Paris, Sep 1 to Dec 15, 2014)

Thematic Program on Variational Problems in Physics, Economics, and Geometry (Fields Institute, Toronto, July to December 2014)

I belong to the research group Geometry, Analysis and Dynamics which holds two weekly seminars:

Séminaire "Géométrie et Analyse" (
click here)

Séminaire "Dynamique et Géométrie" (click here)

I am a member of the INRIA team-project McTAO and of the ANR projects GCM, GMT, and WKBHJ.

Research Interests: Geometric control theory, Sub-Riemannian geometry, Optimal transport, Hamiltonian dynamics

Works in progress:

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PhD Thesis:

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