Here some remarks about Student  applications to IMFs

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From the “Guidelines for grant applications”


Students' mobility

The eligibility criteria for students are:

1. Students must have the nationality of one of the Third-countries covered by the window and have sufficient knowledge of the language of the courses;

2. For target group 1: students need to be registered at one of the Third-country partner institutions. Undergraduate students must have successfully completed at least one year of studies in their home institution;

3. For target group 2: candidates need either to be registered in a university of the Third country concerned by the geographical window or to have obtained a diploma from a higher education institution of one of these Third-countries. They will need to justify how this study period abroad will benefit them (and their direct socio-economical environment) and include letters of support. in their individual application;

4. For target group 3, students need to be nationals of one of the Third-countries concerned by the geographical window and be part of the vulnerable target groups;


Please note that no Third-country students can benefit from more than one mobility activity per project and that Third-country students' mobility between third-country institutions involved in the partnership cannot be covered by this scheme.


Geographical Window (Asia Regional):

Afghanistan – Bangladesh – Bhutan – Cambodia - Myanmar/Burma – Nepal – Pakistan.

China – India – Indonesia – Malaysia – Maldives- North Korea- Philippines – Sri Lanka – Thailand.