Frequently Asked Questions


Passport : not required when applying.

We understand that at the time of applying to EMMA you may probably have no passport. If so, we would appreciate that you upload in your application form a scanned picture of some piece of ID of you. Please remember that, once selected, you will need a visa to enter the European Community and this process takes at least two months. So please make sure to prepare as much as possible in order to get a passport soon after being selected (this should take place sometime during March 2009). Please keep all pieces of evidence on what you pay for it after applying; we will do our best to refund you for this travel expanse too.


Finding oneís niche: What could I find in some specific partner EU-university?

EU contact people want to help you to find the teaching or the invitation letter you need, but they can do it only a limited number of times each day. When they provide a suggestion to one candidate they display it on the web. Click here to get a link to these pages.


Results When and how will I be informed if Iím selected?

The final list of selected candidates will be submitted to EACEA ,in Brussels, by April 1st. All applicants will be informed on EACEAís decision on the email they provided.