Mobility for undergraduate, master, PhD students, for PostDocs, and Staff from Asian partners countries to EU partner universities

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Emma is for funding Asia to Europe individual mobility flows (IMF) of academics from Partner Countries, fully sponsored by the EACEA run programme Erasmus Mundus External Cooperation Window.

Academic: Any person related to some university: student, graduate, staff.
IMF: Individual Mobily Flow, a funny name for academic visit to a partner university from the alternative part of the Eurasian continent. Exceptionnaly, during this campaign, only Asia to Europe IMFs are funded. Number of available IMFs and rules depend on level and TG.
Level: Bachelor, Master, Doctorate, Post-Doctorate, Staff
TG: Target Group, a very funny name to caracterize the group of people you may belong to. As academic, you are TG1 if you belong to a partner university, and you are TG2 if not. In any case, you may also be TG3, and  EMMA could be the first time that you are happy to be TG3, as this meens that you have a refugee status or are an asylum beneficiary, you have been the object of unjustified expulsion, you belong to a population targeted by a specific national policy.
Partner country: Any country that has a Partner University
Funding: means all expanses for visa, travel, insurance, living, tuition-fees if required in the  EMMA-EPU, depending on the level of the individual mobility flow.

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