Mobility for undergraduate, master, PhD students,
for PostDocs, and Staff between European and Asian partner Universities

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Click  here to access to the Application Form.

But maybe you wish to know how your Application will take place. There are four stepscontactproject working outselection, results.
1. Contact : you are almost done: once you have clicked here you will have to choose a Username and a Password and begin to provide your personnal data. Do this as soons as you can; you will be able to modify and improve your data later, thanks to your Username and Password.
2. Project Working Out: this is the important step; the better your project will be worked out the more chances you will have to be selected. Once you have submitted your application it will be scrutinized and you may be invited to improve its weaknesses along suggestions that may be made by your
home university or by your potential host university. Make sure to check your mail regularly to see if some suggestions have been provided to you.
3. Selection: your application will be rated along three directions: (a) rating of your CV (here the recommandation letters are essential), (b) rating of the usefullness of your project to your community (University, Country, etc.: here your motivations will be important), (c) rating of the chances of success
in the chosen host university (here it is important that you work out your proposal with the potential host university: it will contact you to help you to formulate a good project. the less demand in one university, the better the chances to find more help in this step) 
If you wish to have a sample of Application Form here your have the application of Sarah Sample .
As the application process will go on you will have to upload various documents, that can be scanned documents, or MS-word (doc), or Acrobat (pdf).
So, you may begin to collect these files; the documents followed by a star (*) are required for submiting a complete application; you may be invited
to improve it later. Prepare them carefully as people that wish to help you may be very busy and may not be able to write to you several suggestions.
Files to prepare: (1) Copy of your passport, (2) Your vitae or better, your Europass(*), (3) Your project description and/or motivation letter (*),  (4) if you are from Target Group 3 : your detailed case, (5) Recommandation (student)/invitation (PostDoc, Staff), (6) Additional recommandation, (7) A picture of you.
4. Results: they will be submited to the Agency in charge 1st April 2009.  Candidates will be informed on the result of their application by  at the email they provided when registering. They should check their email regularly as they may be invited, during the selection process, to improve their apllication by uploading additional information, or to confirm their acceptation. Please don't send messages unless being invited to do so.
Please take a copy of this list and now, click HERE to register and to begin to fill in your Application Form.