International students

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You would like to spend one semester (or more) to study mathematics at the University Nice Sophia Antipolis (UNS) ?

Studies are organized in France in three levels L, M and D :

Academic year :   The academic year contains two semesters. The first one is from September to January and the second one is from January to June.  

Language of instruction : 


  • Undergrad studies are taught in French,
  • Master studies IM and MPA are taught mainly in Frecnh,
  • MathMods and CBB are taught in English,
  • Research at doctoral level may be done in French or in English.

To train your French when in Nice, you can attend for one or two month(s) an intensive training of French "Université Internationale d'été de Nice" in July and/or August.

There exists also possibility of training during the academic year at CUEFLE.

General informations on studying at UNS as foreign student can be found here.

In addition study at UNS attending regular teaching, you can also spend one semester to prepare your Undergrad thesis (as an L3 visiting
student) or your Master thesis (as an M1 or M2 visiting student). Such a thesis could be done at
J.-A. Dieudonné Laboratory or at another laboratory of UNS but also in a company (internship). To do  this, please contact :