Teaching profile:

Mathematics for data science: probabilities, statistics, numerical methods, optimization.
The recruited person will be called upon to teach mathematics courses at the Bachelor's level
on the Nice campus of Centrale Méditerranée
and in the long term to take on teaching responsibilities within the Bachelor of Science,
Engineering and Sustainability. The recruited person may also participate in other training
courses offered by Centrale Méditerranée alone or
in collaboration with its partners, in particular the University of Nice-Côte d'Azur.
She may be called upon to supervise 2nd and 3rd year ECM projects.
Finally, a good command of English is necessary because part of the teaching of the Bachelor of Science,
Engineering and Sustainability may be given in English.

Research profile:

The recruitment will strengthen the scientific potential of the J. A. Dieudonné laboratory
( in topics related to modeling or scientific computing
of complex phenomena, using deterministic or stochastic approaches.

The recruited person will contribute to the activities carried out on the site, by the laboratory,
the EUR Spectrum, the Academy of Complex Systems, the House of Simulation and Interactions,
the Quantazur Institute... She will be able to interact with other Université Côte d’Azur laboratories
or research institutes located in the region.

The motivation for the development project of the Nice campus of Centrale Méditerranée will be decisive.
The scientific profile may relate to one or more of the following topics: random modeling,
in particular point processes, interacting particle systems, mean field theory and its links with control
and game theory, statistical geometry, modeling and scientific computing for fluid mechanics. These themes
could, for example, be developed in connection with applications studied at the LJAD, such as neurosciences,
physics and life sciences, the study of populations, climatic and hydrological phenomena, geosciences,
plasma physics, computational chemistry, signal and image processing,...
Any application with an ambitious research project in modeling and/or scientific computing,
related to probabilities, statistics, optimization, numerical analysis and simulation and their applications,
will be carefully considered.