Junior Professor Chair : Computational Geometry

The Junior Professor Chair is a new type of cademic
position in the French academic system which leads in a short period
of time to a full professorship position. This chair project aims to strengthen
the J.A. Dieudonné laboratory through
the recruitment of an excellent and internationally visible young researcher,
able to quickly develop an autonomous activity and lead a community on the issues
of computational geometry.

This subject can be viewed as a catalyst for new interactions between different
teams of the research unit (ATG, GAD, ProbasStat, EDP) and will strengthen the laboratory's
ability to conduct multidisciplinary collaborations. After a successful post-doctoral experience,
the candidate should have demonstrated the maturity and autonomy to begin preparing the defense
of an habilitation to conduct reseach in the short term and to be a driving force in coordinating
a high-impact research activity.

The profile sought is that of an expert in the design and analysis of algorithms using
geometric tools. The potential applications are varied and related to modern scientific fields:
analysis of large-scale data, (random) graph theory, mathematical visualization,
computer-aided design, combinatorics, imagery, machine learning, generation and deformation of meshes,
surface approximation, statistical geometry and statistical calculations on Riemanian manifolds
and geometric structures, links between geometric modeling and numerical calculations.
In addition to the geometric aspects, the subject has deep links with optimization, optimal
transport, inverse problems, probabilities and statistics.

Beyond the targeted theme, the university, the CNRS and the laboratory expect the
laureate of this junior professorship to develop new directions of research complementary to
the existing ones or which promote links between the different teams of the laboratory,
or with other scientific communities at the Université Côte d'Azur. This includes in particular Inria,
with which there is a clearly identified potential for creating new relationships.
The LJAD wishes to encourage interactions to strengthen its dynamism and promote the
emergence of innovative ideas.

In terms of teaching activity, the holder of the chair will be called upon to intervene,
possibly in English, in the teaching of mathematics at the Graduate School Spectrum.
The junior professor will have to contribute to the international dynamics of the department
(international masters, scholarships of excellence, participation in CIMPA, etc.).

The tenure track period is fixed to 5 years before the passage to a full professorship.
The details of the welcome package and the salary will be commensurate to the experience
and records of the laureate.

Contacts: yves.dangelo@univ-cotedazur.fr, philippe.maisonobe@univ-cotedazur.fr, thierry.goudon@univ-cotedazur.fr

The webpage will be updated with further information about the time schedule for the competition and
details about the status of the position.