The conference venues is in the Parc Valrose in North-central Nice with plenary sessions in the Grand Chateau de Valrose, and parallel sessions in nearby lecture rooms.


Book your accommodation as soon as possible!

There are many hotels and rooms for rent in Nice. However, the best/cheapest will soon be taken as Nice is very popular in June. This is even worse this year with some 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup matches taking place in Nice. We recommend a choice of accommodation near the Parc Valrose or near the TRAM LINE 1.

We’ve made a list of nearby hotels often used by the local academic community, see the list here. However, the list is far from being complete, feel free to explore the available options by yourself.

Student-style accommodation

For the conference, a limited amount of modestly priced student-style accommodation has been pre-booked in Résidence universitaire Montebello, which is on campus, moments from the conference venues.

We have pre-booked single rooms. They are around 9 square metres, with a small bathroom containing a toilet, shower, and wash basin. Basic necessities are provided. The cost for a single room for 7 nights will be 162 euros. There may be a possibility of booking double rooms. Please let us know in the form if you are interested in this.

Applications must be made by 27 February.

TACL 2019 conference accommodation and funding (combined form):

(In this form, you can also apply for funding. See explanation here.)