École de printemps sur le schéma en groupes fondamental / Spring school on the fundamental group scheme
Short Bibliography (chronological order) (to be updated)
Affine group schemes and Tannakian Categories (alphabetical order):

Fundamental group scheme over a field, first constructions (chronological order):

Some results (chronological order):

Fundamental group scheme over a Dedekind scheme, first construction and first results (chronological order):

The fundamental groupoid scheme (chronological order):

The S-fundamental group scheme:

Other results, generalisations and further readings :
Nota bene:
due to the increased interest of the scientific community on the fundamental group scheme we have decided to report here only some of the works where our speakers have been authors and/or the most relevant for our school. However many other important works exist and can be found with a simple search on Math. Sci. Net or ZentralBlatt. Here a non complete list of authors (not already mentioned): Antei, Biswas, Dos Santos,  Holla, Parameswaran, Pauly, Zhang  ...