Jean-Patrick Lebacque

Titre: Generic second order traffic modeling: recent progress.

Auteurs: J.P. Lebacque, M.M. Khoshyaran, S. Mammar, H. Haj-Salem

Résumé: Generic second order traffic modeling (GSOM) has been introduced as a generalization of the ARZ (Aw-Rascle-Zhang) model. The basic concepts are the following: conservation of vehicles and driver dependent fundamental diagram. The latter is formalized as follows: the funadamental diagram is assumed to depend on a driver attribute I, for which a dynamic equation is given. The model variety results from the variety of both fundamental diagram families and dynamic equations for I.
All GSOM models share common features: characterisctic elements, supply/demend, intersection models, discretizations (Godunov, wave tracking, or lagrangian). These will be presented in a unifying framework, as well as some examples: ARZ model, 1-phase Colombo model, stochastic model.