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Université de Nice Sophia-Antipolis  

Algebraic Geometry and Categories

On the occasion of André Hirschowitz's 61st birthday

June 6-10, 2005

     This conference will celebrate André Hirschowitz's 61st birthday. An emblematic figure in modern algebraic geometry, André has inspired generations of researchers young and old with his enthusiastic approach to mathematics. The conference will cover a wide range of subjects, in the spirit of André's openness, curiosity and lively interest in all areas of algebraic geometry and related fields. The conference themes include many areas of important recent progress in projective geometry but also extend to higher stacks, and applications of lambda-calculus and computer science techniques towards the formalization of algebraic geometry, an interest he developed starting many years ago with his collaboration at the INRIA computer-science labs in Sophia-Antipolis.

Conference themes


First list of speakers:

J. Alexander

C. Ciliberto

A. Caldararu

J.-P. Demailly

P. Ellia

E. Getzler

T. Hales

R. Hartshorne

L. Katzarkov


Y. Laszlo

J. Lurie

S. Ramanan

E. Shustin

J. Starr

B. Toen

C. Voisin

B. Werner



     The conference is scheduled for 5 days from Monday June 6th to Friday June 10th, with 4 or 5 talks per day. We hope to have an afternoon off for sightseeing and some social events for André's birthday.





     For registration, please send an e-mail to Tell us if you want to reserve a room.

Scientific and organizing Committee:

Arnaud Beauville, Nicole Mestrano, Carlos Simpson, Charles Walter