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Carlos Simpson 

-Seminatural bundles of rank two, degree one and c2 = 10 on a quintic surface ,
Kyoto Journal of Mathematics, Maruyama Volume, to appear,
joint with Nicole Mestrano.

-Fixed points and lines in 2-metric spaces, Advances in Mathematics, January 2012,
joint with Abdelkrim Aliouche.

-Foliations on the moduli space of rank two connections on the projective line minus four points,
Geometric and differential Galois theories, Séminaires et Congrès 27, 2012,
joint with Frank Loray and Masa-Hiko Saito.

-Homotopy Theory of Higher Categories,
Cambridge University Press, New Mathematical Monographs, October 2011.

-Variations of mixed Hodge structure attached to the deformation theory of a complex variation of Hodge structures,
JEMS, Volume 13, 2011, Arxiv version,
joint with Philippe Eyssidieux.

-Local systems on proper algebraic V-manifolds, PAMQ 7 (2011), 1675-1760, Eckart Viehweg's volume.

-Obstructed bundles of rank two on a quintic surface -- International Journal of Math. 22 (2011), 789-836,
joint with Nicole Mestrano.

-Iterated destabilizing modifications for vector bundles with connection. Arxiv version, December 2008.
Contemporary Math 522, 2010 (Proceedings of the Ramanan Conference, Madrid, 2008).

-A weight two phenomenon for the moduli of rank one local systems on open varieties arxiv abstract--pdf,
in Augsburg proceedings.

-Regulators of canonical extensions are torsion: the smooth divisor case arxiv abstract--pdf,
joint with Jaya Iyer.

-On the classification of rank two representations of quasiprojective fundamental groups arxiv abstract--pdf,
joint with Kevin Corlette, Compositio Math. 144 (2008), 1271-1331. 

-Algebraic cycles from a computational point of view
Proceedings of the Galligo conference, Theoretical Computer Science 392 (2008), 128-140.

-The Chern character of a parabolic bundle, and a parabolic Reznikov theorem in the case of finite order at infinity arxiv abstract--pdf,
joint with Jaya Iyer. In "Geometry and Dynamics of Groups and Spaces: in memory of Alexander Reznikov",
Progress in Mathematics 265, Birkhauser (2008).

-A relation between the parabolic Chern characters of the de Rham bundles arxiv abstract--pdf,
joint with Jaya Iyer, Math. Annalen 338 (2007), no. 2, 347-383

-Katz's middle convolution algorithm arxiv abstract--pdf,
see also some notes for my talk in Paris, Feb. 1st, 2007.

-Geometricity of the Hodge filtration on the infinity-stack of perfect complexes over X_DR  
arxiv abstract-- ps, pdf,
see also the slides (in jpg images) for my talk at the Deligne conference in Princeton, Oct. 18th, 2005.
Updated version, 2008.

- Explaining Gabriel-Zisman localization to the computer ps, pdf
(see also Files for Gabriel-Zisman localization ps, pdf, gzfiles.tar.gz)

-Formalized proof, computation and the construction problem in algebraic geometry ps, pdf (version revised for publication)

- Information technology implications for mathematics: a view from the French riviera, joint with Marco Maggesi (a very preliminary version in html format or ps or pdf 5 jul 04)

- Computer theorem proving in math
A paper based on my talk at the PQR conference, Brussels, June 2003.

-Mathematical quotients and quotient types in Coq, joint with
Laurent Chicli and Loic Pottier, version (ps) of November 2002,
see also the proof scripts which go with this paper;

-Some properties of the theory of n-categories (arxiv ps file), October 2001;

-Density of monodromy actions on non-abelian cohomology, joint with
Ludmil Katzarkov and Tony Pantev (arxiv ps file), January 2001;

-Calculating maps between n-categories (arxiv ps file), September 2000;

-Nonabelian mixed Hodge structures, joint with
Ludmil Katzarkov and Tony Pantev (arxiv ps file), June 2000;

for these and earlier preprints consult the xxx e-print archives (result of arxiv search).

-Asymptotics for general connexions at infinity (notes for my talk in Toulouse)
Version 1 (24/09/03): ps, pdf, dvi, tex

-The construction problem in Kahler geometry, to appear in English and in Russian translation in the volume "Different Faces of Geometry", International Mathematical Series, third volume Plenum/Kluwer, Tamara Rozhkovskaya, publisher of the Russian translation; Eds.: Mikhail Gromov, Simon K.Donaldson, Yakov Eliashberg. If you download the paper (ps, pdf, dvi, tex), please ask your library to purchase the book!

The Coq proof files which went with the first version of "Computer theorem-proving in math" are now bundled with a short note which also replaces one of the chapters which was removed in revision:
Set-theoretical mathematics in Coq (tex, ps, pdf, dvi), math.LO/0402336.
See the index file for the proof files (these come in a tar archive in the Arxiv version).


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