Additions and Corrections to Sheaves in Topology, Universitext, Springer Verlag, 2004.

The remarks below are added in view of readers' observations, for which I am always very grateful, or they reflect my new insights in this area of Mathematics. The references in brackets correspond to the references in the book.

  1. Luis Narváez Macarro has noticed that the construction of the perverse sheaf associated to a diagram on pp. 141-142 is wrong. For a correct construction in terms of real constructible sheaves we refer to the following sources. Related questions are discussed in:
  2. The use of local systems (and of the associated intersection cohomology sheaves) which are not of finite rank over the field of rational (or complex) numbers has produced very interesting results in topology, see for instance the following papers.
  3. An important perverse sheaf associated to a holonomic D-module is the irregularity complex along a hypersurfaces, see In the same paper, Z. Mebkhout propose to call the perverse sheaves 'sheaves in the derived sense', arguing as follows against the use of the traditional terminology. " Nous ne souhaitons pas utiliser cette terminologie qui coupe net cette belle notion de ses racines."