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Cargèse (Corsica), September 20-26, 2015

The school is supported by the following institutions:



Institut Scientifique Cargèse

Accomodation and facilities

Accomodation for participants (single rooms for invited speakers and double rooms for student participants) are provided at the institute, as well as breakfast and lunch More information
All lectures take place in the second newly built lecture hall (80 seats) Information about the institute's facilities

How to get there

Cargèse is located on the west coast of Corsica. The closest airport and harbour are located in Ajaccio. Other itineraries are possible but please be aware of the scarceness of public transportation in Corsica. Driving through Corsica is scenic but can take a long time. (Travel to Cargèse)


will be organized between Ajaccio airport and Cargèse. The shuttle is paid by the school. If you arrive at different times, you might have to take a taxi (cost of the taxi: 140 Euros on sundays and on weekdays including Saturday before 7am, on weekdays after 7am the cost is 100 euros) at your own expense. There is also one bus (cost of Ajaccio-Cargèse 8 euros one way), but only once a day. Bus schedule

By car

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