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PhD thesis

  • Modèles asymptotiques de fluides en rotation rapide : vers les dynamos magnétostrophiques (2016) [.pdf]

Participation in conferences or seminars

  • 2019: Workshop on Dynamo Action - from the lab to the stars, Paris, France, September 10th - Invited talk

  • 2019: ILASS - 29th Conference on Liquid Atomization and Spray Systems, Paris, France, September 2nd-4th - Poster

  • 2019: SF2A - Semaine de l'Astrophysique Francaise, Nice, France, May 13th-17th - Contributed talk

  • 2019: Scientific Computing across Scales: Extreme Events and Criticality in Fluid Mechanics, Fields Institute Toronto, Canada, April 15th-18th - Invited talk

  • 2018: 12th European Fluid Mechanics Conference, Vienna, Austria, September 9th-13th - Contributed talk

  • 2018: 2nd Young Researcher Conference on Plasma Physics and applications, Sorbonne Universite, Paris, June 29th - Contributed talk

  • 2018: Seminaire regulier IRPHE, Marseille, Januar 19th - Seminar

  • 2017: Seminaire de Mecanique d'Orsay, December 7th - Seminar

  • 2017: Seminaire Fluides de l'Institut Jean le Rond d'Alembert, Paris, November 30th - Seminar

  • 2014: European GdR Dynamo, Paris, November 27-29th - Poster presentation

  • 2017: Interdisciplinary Geo-Astrophysical Fluid Mechanics, Paris, October 16-18th - Contributed talk

  • 2017: Conference on Turbulent Mixing and Ejecta at Interfaces, Paris, April 24th-26th - Contributed talk

  • 2017: University of Oxford, Department of Physics, Geophysical and Nonlinear Fluid Dynamics seminars, April 5th - Seminar

  • 2017: Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris, Groupe de Dynamique des fluides geologiques, January 10th - Seminar

  • 2016: School ISTROF (Instabilities and Turbulence in Strato-Rotational Flows), Le Havre, July 11th-13th - Oral presentation

  • 2016: European Geosciences Union's General Assembly, Vienna, Austria, April 17th-22th - Poster presentation

  • 2016: 19th Rencontres du Non-Linéaire, Université Paris Diderot, March 15th-17th - Poster presentation

  • 2015: Newcastle University, School of Mathematics and Statistics, Sept. 12th - Seminar

  • 2015: Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, USA, Aug. 20th - Seminar

  • 2014: American Geophysical Union’s 47th Fall Meeting, San Francisco, Dec. 15th-19th - Poster presentation

  • 2014: European GdR Dynamo, University of Cambridge, Sept. 1st-4th - Poster presentation

  • 2014: UK MHD, University of Exeter, May 22nd/23rd - Poster presentation

  • 2013: European GdR Dynamo, Ascona, July 8th-12th - Poster presentation