Blow up, dispersion and Solitons

Conference location:   

Laboratoire J.A. Dieudonné

Université de Nice Sophia-Antipolis    

Parc Valrose 06108 Nice 

How to get to the campus:

  • Bus and tram website: public transport of Nice

  • From railway station: see interactive map above.
         From railway station ("gare Thiers") to campus ("Valrose"), you can go:
            - by foot, approximately 30 minutes,
            - by tramway (light rail).
    • In both cases, you have to exit the railway station, take "avenue Thiers" on the left, to the tramway stop. 
    • If you choose the tramway option, direction "Las Planas", and exit at stop "Valrose Université" (3rd stop). If you choose the foot option, turn left, and follow the tramway line (avenue Malaussenta, and then avenue Borriglione). Once at "Valrose Université" stop, turn to the right, and then go straight to "avenue Joseph Vallot". The campus is at the end of this street. Map of the tramway line:
  • From airport to university, several options:
    • There is a free (blue) shuttle from Terminal 2 to Terminal 1. From Terminal 1, take bus 23 (ticket = 1 euro), direction "Vallon des Fleurs". Exit at "Joseph Vallot", go back and turn left into "Joseph Vallot" street. The campus "Valrose" is at the end of this street. It takes 45 minutes - 1 hour. 
    • Faster: from terminal 1 or terminal 2 are 2 fast shuttles: 
    • By bus 98: (ticket = 4 euros), direction "Riquier", and exit at "Cathédrale Vieille Ville" stop. With the same ticket, take the tramway direction "Las Planas" and exit at "Valrose University" stop. Turn right into avenue "Joseph Vallot".
    • By bus 99: take the shuttle until the railway station. Then use the above informations.
    • Taxi: much faster, much more expensive (approx. 30 euros, 40 at night or week-end, even more if you look like a tourist...). Don't forget to mention "Valrose" campus, as there are several university campus in the city.