Research interest

I am mainly working on complex algebraic geometry and birational geometry, but I am also interested in other subjects related to singularities and complex geometry.


  1. Seshadri constants of the anticanonical divisors of Fano manifolds with large index.  Preprint 2018   arXiv:1806.05087
  2. Stability of the tangent bundles of complete intersections and effective restriction.  Preprint 2017   arXiv:1711.03413   The first version of this preprint entitled "Stability of restrictions of cotangent bundles of hypersurfaces" contains partial results in this version.

Papers accepted

  1. Second Chern class of Fano manifolds and anti-canonical geometry.
    To appear in Mathematische Annalen.  Journal  arXiv:1710.04116
  2. Characterization of projective spaces and \(\mathbb P^r\)-bundles as ample divisors.
    To appear in Nagoya Mathematical Journal.  Journal  arXiv:1611.05823