Exercice 1      Associated File : Simple1.f90    LinearCase.f90    NonLinearCase.f90   
  Exercice 2      F90 file Solution of TP2
Exercice 3      Predifined F90 functions in a MODULE, that can be used to speed-up

Additional F90 Files
More elaborated F90 file for Exercice 2 (usind MODULE context)

compiling          :: gfortran -fdefault-real-8 NewTP2.f90 -o run
creating the file to be read :: echo "10    !! Value of N to be readed  \n">"DataFile.data"

run the program :: ./run
gnuplot commands to view the result files of the
F90 file Solution of TP2
Terminal type set to 'x11'
gnuplot> plot "Nuage.gnu" , "Nuage2.gnu"
gnuplot> splot "Nuage.gnu" , "Nuage2.gnu"
gnuplot> exit