14-15 November 2011

Laboratoire J.-A. Dieudonné

Université de Nice Sophia Antipolis

The duration of the talks is 30+5 minutes except otherwise shown.

MONDAY 14/11/11

09:30 Welcoming

10:00 V. Steinberg Onset and universality of
 turbulent drag reduction in von Karman flow (45+5 min.)

10:50 H. Xu Effect of dilute polymers on bulk turbulence

11:25 Coffee break

11:50 D. Mitra Statistics of polymer extensions in channel flow

12:25 V.E. Terrapon Towards a better understanding of polymer drag reduction in turbulent wall-bounded flows

13:00 Buffet

14:30 B. Hof The maximum drag reduction asymptote in pipe flow

15:05 E. De Angelis Alteration of Rayleigh-Bénard convection cells in dilute polymer solutions

15:40 Coffee break

16:00 A. Mazzino The viscoelastic Rayleigh-Taylor system: from linear stability to fully developed turbulence

16:35 P. Perlekar Polymer additives in two-dimensional turbulence

TUESDAY 15/11/11

09:30 E.S.G. Shaqfeh On the polymer length dependence of single molecule extension in shear flow + Why does orthogonal shear have such a big effect on particle sedimentation in viscoelastic fluids? (45+5 min.)

10:20 S. Lerouge Instabilities in giant micelles: from shear-banding to elastic turbulence

10:55 Coffee break

11:20 G. Boffetta Viscoelastic effects in the Kolmogorov flow

11:55 A. Lindner Purely elastic flow instabilities in 
serpentine channels

12:30 Buffet

14:00 M. Wilkinson Alignment of microscopic rods in complex flows (45+5 min)

14:50 Coffee break

15:10 K. Turistyn Hydrodynamic interactions of polymers in chaotic flows

15:45 L. Brandt Self-propulsion in viscoelastic fluids: pushers vs. pullers

16:20 Discussion