Jiqiang Zheng

I am a postdoc at University of Nice Sophia Antipolis. My host is Professor Oana Ivanovici.  I did my Ph.D. at IAPCM,China. My advisor was Professor Changxing Miao.

Address :
Laboratoire J.A.Dieudonné
UMR n° 7351 CNRS UNS
Université de Nice Sophia-Antipolis
Parc Valrose
06108 NICE Cedex 2
Phone Number : +33 (0)4 92 07 60 26
Fax Number : +33 (0)4 93 51 79 74
Office: 411
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Geometry and Analysis Seminar
Dieudonné Laboratory, University of Nice Sophia Antipolis
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Research Topics
Harmonic Analysis and Partial differential equations
        Born in Fujian, China on October 02, 1986
Professional Experience
  • 2017-present; Postdoctoral fellow(contract E.R.C., Responsible:Oana Ivanovici), University of Nice Sophia Antipolis
  • 2016-2017; Postdoctoral fellow(contract E.R.C., Responsible: Pierre Raphael), University of Nice Sophia Antipolis
  • 2014-2016; Postdoctoral fellow(contract E.R.C., Responsible: Gilles Lebeau), University of Nice Sophia Antipolis
  • 2010-2014; Teaching assistant, IAPCM, China
  • 2011-2014; PhD, China Academy of Engineering Physics,    
  •  Advisor: Changxing Miao
    Thesis: Scattering theory for energy-supercritical Schrödinger equation and energy-scattering theory for Klein-Gordon-type equation. English version  Chinese version
  • 2008-2011; MA, China Academy of Engineering Physics, Advisor: Changxing Miao
  • 2004-2008; BA, Xiamen University, China
Papers and Preprint

    Strichartz estimates and wave equation in a conic singular space J. Zhang Submitted math.A.P/1804.02390
    On the 4D Nonlinear Schrödinger equation with combined terms under the energy threshold C. Miao
    T. Zhao
    Calculus of Variations (2017)56:179 math.AP/1711.10362
    Dynamics of nonlinear wave equations C. Miao Lecture  for LIASFMA School on Harmonic Analysis and Wave Equations in Fudan universty, 2017 math.AP/1711.01172
    Global-in-time Strichartz estimates and cubic Schrodinger equation on metric cone J. Zhang Submitted math.AP/1702.05813
    Global-in-time Strichartz estimates for Schrodinger on scattering manifolds J. Zhang Comm. PDE, 42(2017),1962–1981 math.AP/1702.05811
    Scattering below ground state of 3D focusing cubic fractional Schordinger equation with radial data C. Sun
    H. Wang
    X. Yao
    Discrete Contin. Dyn. Syst. 38 (2018), no. 4, 2207-2228. math.AP/1702.03148
    Strichartz estimate and nonlinear Klein-Gordon equation on non-trapping scattering space
    J. Zhang
    The focusing cubic NLS with inverse-square potential in three space dimensions R. Killip
    J. Murphy
    M. Visan
     Differential and Integral Equations
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    The energy-critical NLS with inverse-square potential R. Killip
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    M. Visan
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    Discrete Contin. Dyn. Syst. 37 (2017), no. 7, 3831-3866. math.AP/1509.05822
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    J. Murphy
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    Scattering theory for the radial H1/2-critical wave Equation with a cubic convolution C. Miao
    J. Zhang
    Journal of Differential Equations, 259 (2015) 7199-7237 math.AP/1509.09126
    Linear adjoint restriction estimates for paraboloid C. Miao
    J. Zhang
    Submitted math.AP/1507.06100
    On Wolff's  L5/2 Kakeya maximal inequality in  R3 C. Miao
    J. Yang
    Forum Mathematicum, Vol.27, Issue 5(2015) 3035-3047 math.AP/1504.05624
    Scattering theory below energy space for two dimensional nonlinear Schrödinger equation C. Miao
    Communications in Contemporary Mathematics,
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    A note on the cone restriction conjecture
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    Proceedings of the AMS, 140(2012), 2091-2102
    Well-posedness for the fourth-order  Schrödinger equations with quadratic nonlinearity

    Advances in Differential Equations, 16(2011), 467-486
    Energy critical fourth-order Schrödinger equations with subcritical perturbations
    J. Zhang Nonlinear Analysis, 73(2010), 1004-101 subcritical.pdf

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