Research of Zhiyan ZHAO

Research Interests:

· Perturbation theory for infinite-dimensional Hamiltonian systems, in particular:

1. Long-time behavior of Hamiltonian PDEs

2. Infinite-dimensional KAM theory

· Spectral theory of Schrödinger operator, in particular:

1. Anderson localization in quasi-crystal models

2. Reducibility and almost reducibility of Schrödinger cocycle

3. Transport property of quantum dynamics

4. Dispersive decay for the time evolution and non-linear equations

· Holomorphic dynamics and Cauchy-Riemann geometry

1. KAM theory for holomorphic dynamics

2. Local equivalence in complex spaces


· M. Leguil, J. You, Z. Zhao and Q. Zhou: Asymptotics of spectral gaps of quasi-periodic Schrödinger operators. arXiv:1712.04700

· Z. Liang, Z. Zhao and Q. Zhou: 1-d quantum harmonic oscillator with time quasi-periodic quadratic perturbation: reducibility and growth of Sobolev norms. arXiv:2003.13034



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