Mathematical Models of Traffic Flow
November 2-4, 2005
at Lab. Dieudonné, Parc Valrose, Univ. Nice
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Welcome to the Webpage of the Workshop :

"Mathematical Models of Traffic Flow"

Date : November 2-4 2005

University of NICE, Parc Valrose, Laboratoire J. A. Dieudonné

Scope of the Workshop :

The study of traffic flow, and more broadly of transportation of all kinds, has received a growing interest in the last years.
This workshop (another one is planned in 2007) is organized in the framework of a French scientific cooperation (ACI) on traffic flow modeling between Applied Mathematicians, Physicist(s) and Traffic Flow Researchers.  (Link to the ACI)
In addition to some participants of this group, a few well known experts will present  either a survey or a summary of up-to-date  results in this field or on related domains, in particular on :

- Comparison and critics of  the classical types of models ( microscopic,  kinetic, fluid (first or second order), cellular automata, hybrid ...),  relations between them, numerical simulations, comparisons with  observations

-  Networks : description of junctions (Boundary Value and Riemann Problem, additional criteria for uniqueness), optimization criteria,
economic view, game theory ...

- Similar problems : supply chains, pedestrian flows, Internet ...

We  also plan  a couple of round tables to discuss in more details some of the above  issues.

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