Nice geometric analysis meeting

June 2-4 2014


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P. Bayard On the spinor representation of spacelike surfaces in 4-dimensional Minkowski space
A. Chang On positivity of a class of conformal covariant operators
B. Colbois Upper bounds for spectrum of the Laplacian on weighted manifolds
Y. Ge Alexandrov-Fenchel type inequalities in the hyperbolic space
R. Gicquaud On the constraint equations in general relativity
C. Guillarmou Spectrum of geodesic flow on hyperbolic manifold
E. Humbert Some recent results on positive mass theorem
F. Pacard Solutions without any symmetry for some nonlinear problems in the plane
T. Rivière Some results on the calculus of variations of Riemann surfaces
F. Robert On the Hardy-Schrodinger operator with a singularity on the boundary
P. Sicbaldi Constant mean curvature surfaces and overdetermined elliptic problems
P. Topping Teichmueller harmonic map flow into negatively curved targets
M. Troyanov Recent Results in \(L_{qp}\)-Cohomology


Monday, June 2
Tuesday, June 3
Wednesday, June 4
Welcoming of participants Coffee break Coffee break
Guillarmou Topping Troyanov
13:00-14:00 Lunch break Lunch break Conference meal
14:30-15:15 Chang Sicbaldi End
the conference
15:20-16:05 Ge Humbert
16:05-16:30 Coffee break Coffee break
16:30-17:15 Gicquaud Rivière
17:20-18:05 Bayard

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