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Eighth International meeting :

"Mathematical Methods for Ab Initio Quantum Chemistry"

7-8 November 2013

Laboratoire J.A. Dieudonné
CNRS et Université de Nice Sophia Antipolis


Thursday, 7.11

12h30-14h30   Welcome buffet and poster session

14h00-14h30   Opening

New developments in electronic structure calculations (chairman Brian Sutcliffe)

14h30-15h30   Frank Verstraete, Building a Fock space with a matrix product state vacuum

Örs Legeza, Generalized tensor methods and entanglement measurements for electronic structure calculations (abstract, presentation)
16h30-17h00   Coffee break

James D. Whitfield, Quantum computational complexity of time-dependent density functional theory ( abstract, presentation )

New ideas in reduced density matrix theory (chairman Patrick Cassam-Chenaï)

Patrick Cassam-Chenaï, Internal matrices and applications ( abstract, presentation )

19h30 Social Dinner

Friday, 8.11

Carlos Benavides-Riveros, The Klyachko conditions from the chemical viewpoint ( abstract, presentation )

Katharina Boguslawski, How quantum entanglement can promote the understanding of electronic structures of molecules (presentation)

11h00-11h20   Coffee break

  Antonio Acin , Quantum correlations and N-representability ( abstract, presentation )

12h45 Lunch

Quantum information and computing (chairman Yann Bouret)

14h15-15h15   Boris Zhilinskii, Qualitative theory of energy patterns for finite particle quantum systems: Symmetry and topology aspects ( presentation )

Kenji Mishima, Quantum Computing and Entanglement Generation using Intramolecular Degrees of Freedom (abstract,presentation)

16h15-16h45   Coffee Break

16h45-17h45   Nicolas Brunner, Nonlocality in quantum physics and beyond ( abstract , presentation )